The Power of Appreciation

How do you build friendly relationships with your colleagues, and make their day better?

Say ‘thank you’ in different ways

  1. Thank you so much for helping me with… / I really appreciate… / I’m so grateful for…
  2. I cannot imagine what I would do without your help / Thank you for having my back
  3. It’s very kind of you to help me with…
  4. I owe you one = l will help you next time, too
  5. Sounds good/ great/ awesome/ Okay! — this is a phrase you can use in a group chat instead of writing ‘thank you’ all the time.
  6. You’re the best! = thank you!

Encourage your colleagues

  1. You’ve done an amazing job on… (a project) — use it as a compliment
  2. Well done! — an encouraging phrase to support your colleague
  3. This made my day — use this phrase if someone shows you support or cheers you up (=makes you feel happy)
  4. I really enjoyed your presentation! / That was great! — not many people like presenting, they often feel intimidated (=shy and uncomfortable) by doing it in front of their team. Show your support and make a person feel valued!
  5. Kudos! = congratulations!

Show support

  1. It’s a start /That has potential — the phrase you can use to encourage what your team has done at the beginning of the project
  2. Great work, everyone / You guys inspire me — end your meetings with the team with these phrases so that your colleagues feel valued.
  3. It’s a pleasure for me to be working with you!
  4. I’m very pleased/happy with your performance.

Show that you care about others’ opinion

  1. How do you feel about … ? / What are your thoughts about … ? — ask this after you offer a new technical solution/ an idea
  2. How are you getting on with… ? = it is a kinder way of asking what is your progress on the project? What blockers do you have? What seems to be going well?


  1. Acknowledge different points of view — make sure to respect the opinions of others, and ask them for their opinions;
  2. Get people on board — include your colleagues, encourage your team, and keep everyone in the loop (=let them know what is going on);
  3. Use positive language/ vocabulary — thank your colleagues and appreciate what they are doing as a part of your team.

Use these phrases

  1. I’m really grateful for …
  2. Something I need to work on is …
  3. I’m proud of myself for …



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